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Like most websites, Pepe Jeans India websites use cookies to collect information. Cookies are small data files which are placed on your device as you browse this website. They are used to remember when your device accesses our websites. Cookies are essential for the effective operation of our websites and to help you shop with us.

We may place, or allow to be placed, cookies, web beacons and similar technologies on our websites or apps to give you the best experience on our site, perform analytics, analyze traffic, personalize content, offer a range of features and functionality and offer ads that match your interest (as discussed above). These technologies include Google Analytics. You can learn more about how Google uses the information collected through this service here: www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/.

We and our partners use cookies, web beacons, device identifiers and other technologies to collect information when you use our websites and mobile app such as your IP address, web browser, mobile network information, browsing and conversion information help to create an improved shopping experience. Cookies also allow us to recognize you as an account holder when you return to our sites. We consider these types of cookies to be necessary for the successful operation of our site. Our use of cookies changes regularly depending on our business needs and operations.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can block or delete cookies at any time to prevent the collection of your browsing information for purposes of delivering interest-based ads and tracking visitor behavior. Please be aware that blocking or deleting cookies may also disable or interfere with shopping features on our sites and other sites that you may visit.


We permit our trusted business partners and third-party advertising companies (including ad servers, ad agencies, technology vendors, or providers of sponsored content) to collect your browsing information and numerical identifiers associated with your browser or device in order to provide ads on our behalf that are tailored to your interests. These ads may appear on our website, and on other third-party websites. Using tracking technologies, advertising technology companies collect data from a particular browser or device about a user’s web viewing behaviours over time, across unrelated websites, and in some cases combine such data with data collected from other browsers or devices associated with the same user or household, and use such data to predict user preferences and to deliver advertisements to that user which are calculated to target that user’s predicted preferences across devices. If you take steps to block advertising cookies or opt out of interest-based advertising, note that this does not mean that you will no longer receive ads from Pepe Jeans India., as these ads are only one form of digital advertising.


In general the website may not operate properly if cookies are switched off. If you only disable third party cookies, you will not be prevented from making purchases on our sites. If you disable all cookies, you will be unable to complete a purchase on our sites. Our systems do not recognize browser “Do Not Track” signals, but several of the third-party advertising companies that utilize cookies on our websites to provide interest-based advertising enable you to opt out of those practices.


You can block or opt out of cookies or collection of data for interest-based advertising by adjusting settings within your browser. For instructions, check your browser’s technical information. If you are using a mobile device, your device may also include a feature (“Limit Ad Tracking” on iOS or “Opt Out of Ads Personalization” on Android) that allows you to opt out of having certain information collected through mobile apps used for behavioural advertising purposes. If you block cookies at a browser level or use a different computer or browser to access our platforms, you should review your cookie settings again.


Social media provides tools that many of our customers use and enjoy, and we include links to various social media platforms on our websites. For your convenience and information, our websites may contain links to other sites, including social media, which may have privacy policies that differ from our own. We are not responsible for the content or practices of any linked site. We recommend that you must review the privacy policy of any site that you access through our sites. The privacy settings chosen by you on those sites will determine the degree to which your information is used, shared, or made public.