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Custom tools

Design & create bespoke Pepe Jeans pieces with our in-store Custom Artists

We let you get up close and personal with each piece, there are six tools that let you make a truly unique finished product.


Laser cut designs to make your piece pop!


Distress your denim how you like it.


Punk inspiration to give you a rebellious look.


Give your look a raw edge.


Create it, Stick it, wear it.


Don't let your look fade.

Choose from three different levels of customisation

The Experience

Choose one tool

This gives you basic intoduction to the Custom Studio experience.choose from one of follow options: Stud Rip, Laser or Colour.

The Club

Up to 3 tools

You have seen what the Custom Artists are capable of and you want more! Choose from up to three variants of customisation from Stud, Rip, Laser or Colour.

The Total HandCraft

Youp Pepe. Your Rules

Complete customisation giving you a truly unique end result with no creative limits.

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